After that hail storm, my tomatoes look like Admiral Adama

We had a pretty intense hailstorm that started yesterday afternoon and ran for a few hours. I have a lot of green tomatoes still on the vine outside. Today I brought some in. They’re all dented and pock-marked now. Here’s a closeup:

all the dents are from the hail

Now here’s a completely different tomato. This one didn’t get damaged. Anyhow, this is just one single tomato, not three conjoined tomatoes. I call it the rumpshaker.

zumma zoom zoom zoomand a boom boomshake baby shake baby shake

  • Denise Huang

    I love planting tomatoes, too! I especially love the way that they smell. So, you have a decent size yard? What else do you have growing in your garden?

  • Hey Denise!

    We do have a pretty big yard. I've got one vegetable garden that is
    about 30 feet long and 8 feet wide. I grew a lot of brandywine
    tomatoes this year. I started a lot of asparagus crowns last year,
    and added more this year, so next year, I think I'll be able to start
    harvesting them. I had really good luck with zucchhini. We've been
    eating them every week since about July or so.

    I grew a lot of turnips, but I discovered root maggots that just loved
    to dig through them. I grew potatoes — those are a lot of fun,
    because you bury one small seed potato in April, and then now, you dig
    it up, and it has grown to a giant size, and also, it has made a lot
    of other potatoes underground too. Great fun for Charlie (my son) to
    help dig and find them.

    I grew some pumpkins. None got bigger than grapefruit.

    Last year, I grew a lot of okra and peppers. This year, I planted
    them the same, but it hardly grew it all. I think this was a colder
    than normal Summer.

    At this point, all I've got is green tomatoes, potatoes, turnips, and
    a lot of carrots. I'll put a cold frame over them soon and wait until
    January to dig them up.

    I'm learning a lot about plant pests and diseases. I'm learning it
    all the hard way, by only using organic treatments. My tomatoes
    suffered a lot from wilt, my pumpkins plants got attacked by a powdery
    mildew, etc.

    Gardening seems like it takes years to really learn.

    Are you back in Texas, or still in Taiwan?


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