Now I have two human children

At 5 PM, Lindsey started feeling contractions, at 6:30 PM we were driving to MetroHealth hospital, and by 8:11 PM, Oliver was born. Lindsey and O. are both recovering very well. He shows a lot of Wilson family traits: really long toes, disdain toward waking up, and psychokinesis.

Lots of pictures forthcoming, but probably on flickr or Facebook or something else.

  • benjaminws

    Congrats! I've got one in the oven as well, due on or around July 22nd (guessing game, as you well know).

    Again, congrats!

  • Doug R

    Congrats, Matt!

  • Phil

    Grats, man!

  • congratulations!

  • Awesome, congratulations!

  • Congratulations!

    I guess we'll pardon you if you aren't at ClePy tonight.

  • Congrats!
    Prepare to re-live the joy of the infant sleep cycle!

  • Love the name Oliver, congrats! That's a really fast delivery.

    (By the way, your comment regarding Cleveland Hts. property values and neighborhood was dead on. Just view it as a great time to cash in. Things will stabilize eventually when these bank owned homes are snatched up.)

  • Congratulations!! cheers!!!