Habits killed my cell phone

Every day, I pour a mug of coffee, drop my son off at day care, then drive across town to work. I have about a half-hour commute, which is plenty of time to finish that coffee.

Then on the way home, every day, I put my laptop bag in the back seat, plug my cell phone into the car charger, and put the cell phone into the empty coffee mug in the arm rest.

So, yesterday, I took the day off. I still dropped my son off at day care. Then I did not do a drive across town. I met a friend on the east side.

Then at the end of the day when I left to pick up my son, I went through the same routine. Then, when I got home, I retrieved the cell phone from the mug and that is when I realized that my cell phone had spent the last twenty minutes bathing in eight-hour-old coffee.

May it rest in peace.

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