It’s Monster Truck season

My hometown paper is running a story about monster trucks. I’ve been to shows in Texas, and I’ve been to shows in Ohio. The ones in Ohio are fun, but the ones in Texas operate on a whole other level. I suspect my feelings about monster truck shows here match how expat Japanese people feel about USian Sumo wrestlers.

In Ohio, I saw a jeep with a jet engine race around, and a I watched a few big trucks crush a bunch of cars. I have lots of photos of Bigfoots in mid-flight right here. I like this one in particular:


Meanwhile, at the show in Houston, I saw a guy set himself on fire and jump from the ceiling of the Astrodome. I watched a 20-car demolition derby that went on for an hour.

In Ohio, at the end, a giant robot dinosaur came out bit an old jalopy in half.

In Houston, a guy jumped his car off a ramp and flew into a tower of old custom vans.

Here’s a few pics of the robot dinosaur for those that were too square to be there:



In summary, I like Monster Trucks.

4 thoughts on “It’s Monster Truck season

  1. Nice! These monster trucks are just for shows and off-roading. They got good truck body parts and definitely expensive too. But for the owners, it's really great to see it on the roads.

  2. Good post. This remote control monster trucks are great for people looking for cheaper gifts, and many people just beginning, because it is powered by electricity. Electric cars are often simple to maintain, less expensive alternative than their aerodynamic.

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