If Cleveland were a video game, February would be the end boss

It is really cold and snowy out there. I read a book that said it well:

February is the qualifying month for citizenship in northeastern Ohio. Only those willing to endure the endless procession of short gray days and dirty slush are worthy to enjoy the mild springs, the warm and humid summers, and the perfect autumn days … Signs of life are limited to modern day smoke signals: the smoke from a chimney, exhaust from cars, the puffs of breath emitted from the hardy outdoor walker string along belching warm air like a human dragon. February in northern Ohio is the same thing every year and every year residents have to steel themselves for the longest twenty-eight days of the year.

From Sky Blue and Black

Make that the longest twenty-nine days this year.

One thought on “If Cleveland were a video game, February would be the end boss

  1. Yeah, I remember those days in Kingston, Ontario along the lake. It snowed and rained a lot so it always this awful gray slush everywhere. The summers were unbelievable – no humidity and 85 degrees everyday. That was the reward for putting up with the rest of the year.

    Winter is beginning to break here in DC. I guess you’ve got another month or so.

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