Why I still heart k5

Sure, it’s probably one of the meanest spots on the intarweb, but there’s just so many smart people on there. I can get good advice on just about any topic imaginable. Some recent diary posts:

and so forth. And the insults are pretty clever too.

3 thoughts on “Why I still heart k5

  1. Extension for sale of unsold March quota is also putting pressure on the market. Post-festival spot markets are witnessing subdued activity thus pressurized the futures market.

  2. The classic joke: my beautiful girlfriend and complained that the oath that day: “You see surname Wang gave his girlfriend bought a diamond necklace. My boyfriend has bought her classmates on the 24K earrings. We love so many years, you I bought what ah? “I:” Rest assured, I will work for you, and soon I want to buy you a luxury beach house, buy a lot a lot of jewelry, as well as sports car … … “Girlfriend:” Fools , you get to know rob a bank is in jail. “

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