Olympic mishap

Three comments:

  1. Why did they have a team of people ready to run out with visual shields to block the stage? Are horrifying injuries so expected that they plan how to hide them quickly?
  2. Who decided to play the slow-mo replay, followed by the super slo-mo replay?
  3. I’m using some hebrew font for the numbers in this list. Isn’t that neat?

5 thoughts on “Olympic mishap

  1. 1. No, they just don't want to get sued for not trying.
    2. The guy that thought it was a good idea.
    3. Cute, but I would have liked to see Chinese.
    4. Youtube took the video down 🙁

  2. Even the slight mishap of Hughes falling in the water didn't impede her and Clark's progress, and they've moved up to second place overall after five races. …

  3. wo-time Olympic champion Marcus Hellner of Sweden held off home favourite Petter Northug to win the 1.5-kilometre race in two minutes 57.4 seconds. Northug, who has won four gold medals at previous world championships, finished 0.6 seconds behind. …

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