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I’m going to do my decorators are fun! talk at PyWorks in November, bright and early Thursday morning, November 12th.

In completely unrelated news, my neighbor called the county health department because they saw a rat and the inspector says we have a bunch of burrows in the overgrown woodsy part of our yard in the way back. This might be just the argument I need to convince my wife to let me buy a blunderbuss so I can hunt the little monsters down.

Last week I switched to git from svn + bzr and so far, it’s gone really well. I’ve gotten fantastic help from the people in #git on irc.freenode.org. I love being able to pull and push code across branches without really being careful. In subversion, I always needed to count revisions exactly, and make sure I never repeated, or else I’d end up with a big mess. And git is really fast, too. Even checking the status for my code tree seems like it goes faster than with svn, but maybe I’m imagining it.

I’ve been writing triggers and stored procedures in postgreSQL recently, using both plpgsql and plpythonu. Some tasks were vastly simpler to write in plpythonu and others were easier in plpgsql. I’m working on a real post that describes what I like about each language.

I finished my second week of teaching. I’m really happy that my students are interested in learning more than just HTML and CSS — they want to learn how to process form data, rather than just design pretty forms. So next week, I think we’re going to get into PHP basics, with the ultimate goal being teaching them how to use CMS stuff like WordPress and Joomla for bigger projects.

Finally, it looks like that other Matt Wilson turned up in Berkeley, CA. I’m glad he’s safe.

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