RIP Natchie

We adopted her in 2001 when Lindsey and I lived in Washington DC. Before that, Natchie lived with an economist I worked with, and I used to take care of Natch and another cat and a golden retriever occasionally.

I still remember one time when Lindsey and I were watching TV while I was pet-sitting. Natchie walked by the TV, looked at us, meowed, and then kept on walking. Was really endearing.

Natch loved affection more than any cat I’ve known. She would softly head-butt people to get them to pet her. She would hassle other animals to pet her. She loved to curl up next to the golden retriever and he would lick her.

Natch got her name from an Ethiopian phrase “Letenatchie!” That’s a drinking toast. Natch was an Absynnian, and the breed was supposedly from the area that is now known as Ethiopia.

It’s a gloomy day at the Wilson house today. We’ll miss her.