pitz has a CLI

I’ve exposed lots and lots of pitz functionality as command-line scripts. Here’s the list so far:

$ pitz-help
pitz-abandon-task Abandon a task
pitz-add-task Walks through the setup of a new Task.
pitz-components All components in the project
pitz-estimates All estimates in the project
pitz-everything No description
pitz-finish-task Finish a task
pitz-milestones No description
pitz-my-tasks List my tasks
pitz-people All people in the project
pitz-prioritize-above Put one task in front of another task
pitz-prioritize-below Put one task behind another task
pitz-recent-activity 10 recent activities
pitz-setup No description
pitz-shell Start an ipython session after loading in a ...
pitz-show Show detailed view of one entity
pitz-start-task Begin a task
pitz-statuses All statuses in the project
pitz-tasks All tasks in the project
pitz-todo List every unstarted and started task in the...
pitz-unassign-task Take this task off somebody's list of stuff ...