RIP hen #1

For two years now, I’ve been letting my hens free range around in a fenced-in section in my back yard during the day. They love it.

Went out to check for eggs today after work and found one of my girls had been killed in the coop.

Head bitten off. No other signs of predation. Internet forums say this was likely a possum or a raccoon.

Going to set up a live trap tonight. And some wire snares.

I raised these girls since they were a day old. Can’t really remember the last time I was this angry and sad.

3 thoughts on “RIP hen #1

  1. Sorry dude. That sucks. The next step is to trap that critter, bite its head off and leave it outside as a message to the others.

  2. Thanks Phil. Live trap is set. Watching some kickass youtube tutorials on how to make snares. And this guy offers private tutoring:
    Maybe in a few months I’ll get people to endorse me on LinkedIn for making First Blood style traps.

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