• Super sweet! We use worms, but I don’t think it could do a shoe in a couple days.

  • Hey Corey! I didn’t realize you were into gardening too. That’s neat.

    Worm compost is the next goal for me. I made my compost heap with big sticks pushed into the ground, chicken wire, and cardboard for the sides.

  • I’ve tried an open bin, but it ends up being a buffet for raccoons. I have nothing against the critters, but when they become regular customers it creates other issues. Can anyone recommend a local vendor who sells enclosed compost bins? I’d like to find one of those barrel deals that you can rotate to mix the contents.

  • Hi Bob — this guy built a home-made compost tumbler out of a rubber trash can (link).

  • That Sounds interesting, I agree with you.Please keep at your good work, I would come back often.*