BSG Razor was fantastic

If you don’t want spoilers, then don’t read the rest of this entry.

My head nearly exploded from fanboy jubilation when the Centurion said “by your command”. For a brief moment, I was 10 years old again.

The back story on #6 and Admiral Cain was pretty cool — not nearly as exploitative as it could have been. Tonight’s episode probably secured loyalty from the Xena crowd, and didn’t come off as salacious.

Is a shame that the retro Cylons all died. I would have loved to see the humans make some kind of alliance with them to fight off the other Cylons.

If they write episodes like this in season 4, then the show has a chance.

5 thoughts on “BSG Razor was fantastic

  1. While the idea of hot cyborg-on-crazy-lady action doesn’t bother me (and really helps round out why Cain is such a nutball by the time Pegasus shows up in Season 2), what I did find really offensive were the Quizno’s “It’s Been Revealed” ads that reiterated with furious redundancy that which we had just learned seconds ago. I mean, come *on*. It’s Galactica–I’m f***ing paying attention. Don’t insult me. “It’s been revealed that Gina and Cain were lovers! MM-MMM, toasty!” is just crass, and “It’s been revealed that Adama saw the Cylons experimenting on humans. MM-MMM, toasty!” is downright creepy.

    Okay, rant mode off.

    Did you see the “Razor Flashbacks” online/during (ugh) Flash Gordon? They were little two-minute snippets of the Adama’s-first-mission flashback, and were pretty cool. I’m guessing they’ll be included on the expanded/uncut/unrated “Razor” DVD.

    Anyway, “Razor” was great, and about damn time too. Looking forward to Season 4 here–it can’t come soon enough!

  2. Yeah, those ads were really odd. After the show, I went to the website. Apparently, they had posted a bunch of possible scenarios earlier and were taking votes ahead of time.

    Before I found that out, I wondered if attention spans are so short now that we can’t even follow television shows.

    Maybe BSG needs an optional “pop up video” mode so that lazy people and latecomers can still follow the plot.

    Finally, I would be thrilled if Quiznos had a commercial that explicitly states that their ingredients contain no failed human-robosexual experiments. I’m going to write an email to that effect right now.

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