My .screenrc is a testament to obsession over meaningless details

Most every time I start a new screen session, I set up four windows using particular window names. After several hours of reading the screen man page and trying stuff out, I discovered how to automate the process. I added this section to my .screenrc:

screen -t ipython 0 /usr/bin/ipython -p matt
screen -t code 1 # This is where I use vi.
screen -t psql 2 /usr/bin/psql -U mydbusername mydb
screen -t irssi 3 /usr/bin/irssi

You can use the -c option when you start screen to specify a file other than $HOME/.screenrc. So I might write a bunch of different .screenrc config files and then I can choose what ever one I want. I can already imagine a .screenrc customized for doing python work, and another one customized for writing rants, and another one for doing sysadmin work.

A few other useful screen options:

  • screen -S sessionname will start a screen session and name it sessionname.
  • screen -ls will list all the screen sessions already running. Those session names are helpful in this case.
  • screen -r sessionname will attach a screen session that you specify.

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