Franz Kafka would like this

I got a subscription to Backyard Poultry magazine earlier this year. It’s awesome. This month’s issue led me to to the City Chicken website. And that led me to this hilarious video that chronicles one man’s quest to find out if he can raise chickens in Chicago:

Update: Cleveland Heights has an ordnance against keeping chickens. Grr. Maybe I can team with the libertarian dude down the street and make a run for city council to get this thrown out.

2 thoughts on “Franz Kafka would like this

  1. Not surprisingly, Shaker prohibits this as well.

    No person shall sell or display, possess or offer for sale any live poultry within the City.
    (Ord. 78-75. Enacted 6-26-78.)

    Small consolation but at least Cleveland Heights was able to enjoy chicken freedom until ’87.

    Sadly, I haven’t met any libertarians in Shaker.

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