The Dark Knight deconstructed

This story articulates my inchoate thoughts when I walked out of the theater after seeing The Dark Knight.

This blockquote will hook you or repel you:

Wayne uses his position as an Anglo-Saxon capitalist to marshal vast resources to develop military grade technology and materiel in the ‘fight’ against the ‘gangs’ in Gotham. Missiles, grenades, various projectiles, military or special-forces transportation methods (Fox borrows ideas from the CIA’s assassination squads quite overtly, i.e. “Skyhook”), mass surveillance, and old-fashioned brutality are Wayne’s stock-in-trade. All the while, he obfuscates his identity as the “Batman” in order to protect his position as capitalist, and to avoid public responsibility for his extra-legal violence. Of course, the actual Gotham police have no intention of arresting Batman for vigilante savagery, despite public acrimony over the rule of law.

I’ve written stuff in this tone, but this fellow is a master.

8 thoughts on “The Dark Knight deconstructed

  1. The thing is, those 'gangs' were gangs and criminals. And you can use all the socialist babble you want, if there were no police, govt. or law, those criminals would just as soon rob you or kill your socialist stupidity then rob you. The fact that he is white, rich etc. is irrelevent. Spiderman is white but not rich and guess what he beats up BAD guys. What is this hippie love affair with the kinds of people that would rob you too? The hippies tried that crap and it backfired on them. We are human beings. Some are good, some are not. And all the peace and love and brotherhood means nothing when one decides crime is a better venture for himself and to hell with the peace niks. Its the Assholes, pussies and dicks moral. You keep feeling sorry for the poor AND criminal, cuz they don't feel sorry for you, and let others(police) keep them from shaking up your socialist fantasy world.

  2. All vigilantes are thinking of this way, If they can't, I can.. in real life a lot of law enforcers can't do their jobs properly, they can't even arrest a madman because of lack of evidence.. and this is the reason why vigilante exist…

    but still it is unlawful to kill..

  3. That was a terrific article. I don't agree with every single single thing that you said but still great nonetheless.

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