How to style an HTML link like a button?

I have some HTML links and I want to display them as buttons. I spent a few hours appying CSS styles, but never got something that appears identical to a button.

So this is what I’m doing now. It is obvious to read, and seems to work.

The W3 validator approved it in HTML 4 strict. So, all signs suggest that this is the way to go, but I don’t follow the semantic web conversation very closely.

So, for those of you that do pay attention to all that stuff, what’s bad about this approach?

8 thoughts on “How to style an HTML link like a button?

  1. Is your button inside a form? Reading the spec (….) implies button elements are a flavor of input. So from that perspective, I'm not sure it's clear what linking a form input means.

    I HAVE seen examples of people making a “mini-form” containing a single button input, and the form's “action” attribute is the desired URL to link to. I guess this is kind of abusing the meaning of “form”, but may end up being a little more reliable.

  2. No, I'm not sure that I can't style a link to appear like a button.
    I'm pretty confident that eventually I could figure it out. But I
    burned as much time as I am willing to spend, so I'm using a
    workaround and keeping a low-priority ticket to remind me later.


  3. > what’s bad about this approach?

    Nothing is particularly bad and (at least for me also) I'd expect it to work flawlessly: nevertheless, Internet Explorer (6 to 8) doesn't follow the link, although it seems to trigger link events (such as an “onclick” handler). 😐

    Firefox and other browsers seem to work as expected, but Internet Explorer can't easily be ignored (at least, not yet). 😉

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