First episode of the next season of Mad Men plot summary

I just watched the first episode from the next season of Mad Men.

Peggy and her beatnik friends score a bunch of LSD and they stay up for three days doing art. Peggy keeps sketching pictures of a little girl dressed just like Vicki from Small Wonder. Somehow they accidentally invent a time machine.

Then they go back to Downton Abbey, where Lady Edith is having nightmares that she is a Cylon, but nobody cares until Bates explains that his ex-wife was a Cylon and that’s why he had to kill her.

Peggy starts work on a Cylon detector.

Thomas the footman steals the time machine, travels back to 1962, seduces Don Draper, kills him, and then hops back into the time machine, but it explodes.

Back in Downton Abbey, Countess Dowager Violet Grantham looks out her window and sees a bunch of shiny silver Cylon centurions marching toward the house. She twists her cane’s handle and pops out a magic wand.

And the epsiode ends when Don Draper wakes up in a Cylon resurrection ship with a bunch of other Cylon Don Drapers, Lady Ediths, and Turtles from Entourage.

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