git cherry is neat

Sometimes I’ll patch a production bug in my production branch and then I will forget to merge that commit into the development branch. This is how I can check for that:

$ git checkout production_branch
$ git cherry dev_branch

This will spit out a list of commits that are in production_branch but not in dev_branch. It will not return any commits made to dev_branch but not in production_branch. It is not the same as a diff of the two branches either.

I got hacked

So, I’ve been ignoring all the messages to upgrade from WordPress 2.5. And then I got some phishing php code embedded into my server.

Then I rebooted, and the whole filesystem was gone.

So I lost the last few posts. Maybe I can rebuild them. Maybe I can’t. In either scenario, I probably won’t.

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Now I have two human children

At 5 PM, Lindsey started feeling contractions, at 6:30 PM we were driving to MetroHealth hospital, and by 8:11 PM, Oliver was born. Lindsey and O. are both recovering very well. He shows a lot of Wilson family traits: really long toes, disdain toward waking up, and psychokinesis.

Lots of pictures forthcoming, but probably on flickr or Facebook or something else.