I spotted a J. G. Ballard book in the Avengers Endgame movie

I just rented Avengers Endgame for no other reason than to check what book that this security guard was reading and so that I could take that screen shot.

When I saw the movie in the theater, I didn’t have on my glasses, but I recognized the font. I knew it was a J. G. Ballard book. I thought it was The Atrocity Exhibition. But nope! It is Terminal Beach.

Both are some of Ballard’s greatest books. But not everybody likes his style.

I thought the security guard was Bobby Lee, from Mad TV fame, too. But it is Ken Jeong.

Anyhow, the movie came out last summer, and for a year, I’ve wanted to verify what I thought I saw.

Next step: figure out how to contact the set designers on Avengers Endgame and ask them “why that book?”