pitz has a CLI

I’ve exposed lots and lots of pitz functionality as command-line scripts. Here’s the list so far:

$ pitz-help
pitz-abandon-task Abandon a task
pitz-add-task Walks through the setup of a new Task.
pitz-components All components in the project
pitz-estimates All estimates in the project
pitz-everything No description
pitz-finish-task Finish a task
pitz-milestones No description
pitz-my-tasks List my tasks
pitz-people All people in the project
pitz-prioritize-above Put one task in front of another task
pitz-prioritize-below Put one task behind another task
pitz-recent-activity 10 recent activities
pitz-setup No description
pitz-shell Start an ipython session after loading in a ...
pitz-show Show detailed view of one entity
pitz-start-task Begin a task
pitz-statuses All statuses in the project
pitz-tasks All tasks in the project
pitz-todo List every unstarted and started task in the...
pitz-unassign-task Take this task off somebody's list of stuff ...

A few iPhone or android app ideas

Just like my post with some web app ideas, feel free to steal any of these.

A fake lottery game

This has already been done several times. You would start with some money (fake money) then buy some tickets and scratch them off. Some would win (more money) and most would lose. Maybe I would hide silly messages in the tickets. The gimmick would be the activity of scratching off the tickets, or maybe spending money on other side treats. Like cigarettes. While smoking, maybe the screen would be hazy. Or maybe you could buy crystal meth, too, and you could scratch tickets really really fast.

And so forth. On to idea number two!

Pick a scab

If you want high-brow, go somewhere else. So, the idea here is obvious, right? The screen shows an ugly scab. You can pick at it. Then it bleeds. Then maybe it heals, and the cycle starts again. Probably been done before.


Pop the pimple

Yeah, so apparently this has already been done too, damnit. But what if the pimples could be superimposed on top of the photos in your album?