Mary Dunbar is the best candidate for Cleveland Heights Council

I’ll vote for Mary Dunbar tomorrow in the Cleveland Heights election.

Here’s why:

  • She actually replies to my emails! And it ain’t just me. You’ll see she engages with people often, online and in person. She’s the only candidate that showed up at Heights chicken coop tour, for example, and she wasn’t even in support of the legislation.
  • She’s passionate about improving our city’s walkability and bike infrastructure. This is one of the last advantages Cleveland Heights has. We need to guard this with our lives. You may not think that bicycling and pedestrian access is that big of a deal, but you are wrong times infinity. Getting people out of their cars and walking around instead has myriad positive effects.
  • She doesn’t promise anything grandiose. It’s so tempting to make grand sweeping statements and wild accusations or big promises or irresponsible rhetoric. You don’t see that coming from her.
  • Last point — this town skews too far into the progressive Democrat direction. We need an intelligent critique to prevent groupthink.